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My new Game Survival Taxi

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My new game survival taxi avaible on google play .I need your ideas for improve my game .Firstly i added gun system.It is increase users use time but i need more.


cities, deserts and many other places in a wide map to save alive people. 
Survival Taxi: Zombie is a game that you save uninfected people from the zombie virus. The city is under the occupation of zombies. The last people, who are not infected, wants to be saved. You have your taxi, what are you waiting for? In zombie virus contaminated city, uninfected people want to survive from the attacks of the horrifying zombies. The only way that the last ones can survive is that you take them away with a taxi to a safe zone where await last healthy people to escape. However, beware! The last ones are about to leave the city. Thus, you need to be fast. 
Amongst many scenarios, you have to be able to save the victim from the zombies. As you save people, you earn money so that you can buy a new taxi to make zombies horrified.

Survival Taxi : Zombie Features :
- 5 different armored taxi cars.
- Huge game area.
- Horror , mysterious , antique huge maps.
- 4 survival safe zones.
- Realistic drive car controls.
- Ruined tanks , ruined helicopters , mysterious statues , pyramids , demolished skyscrapers ...
-Realistic zombies.







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Posted (edited)

Ask someone to help you with the text. The english is pretty bad and it's hard to understand.

Also the visuals would benefit from being more distinct. It looks too dark, bland and grey, most things doesnt stand out. If your resources and experiance are limited, concider making it more simplistic / stylised.

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  • Hi there! I just played your game on Android and I have some feedback / suggestions, and sadly not all positive.


  • The controls of the game are not openly obvious as a user would expect W/O tutorials.
  • Survivors and Zombies are a little hard to tell the difference between.
  • The terrain seems very boring and lacks any form of variation.
  • There are few / no main POIs that stand out in any way in the game and thus makes it kinda hard to direct the user's focus.
  • Driving mechanics are dependant on the user understanding peddles as well as being right handed for the acceleration mechanic.
  • The game world unnecessarily open-world and as a result the map seems to lose all sense of direction / meaning.
  • UI does not communicate necessary information clearly aside from direction and time.


  • The first thing I would suggest is allowing for a more helpful introduction to the controls with some form of tutorial.
  • Secondly, it would help to rework the visual designs at least of either the zombies or survivors to help easier set them apart from each other.
  • The terrain could use variation, maybe through using a fixed overhead bumpmap? Constant superflat also takes away from the challenge / fun of the game, along with the realism that you stated you were after.
  • Having some specific buildings / environmental POIs that can help to throughout the game create a sense of direction and familiarity.
  • I would suggest creating a more universally understood way of communicating the controls to the user, as well as options to allow for reconfiguration.
  • It seems like you may benefit a lot from focusing more on potential map designs to give the structure of the game world purpose and help to visually direct the user in some ways too.

There ya go! I hope that this feedback helps you going further with this game :D It does honestly seem promising, and I am curious to see how it continues in its design and development :)

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i did not play the game but the screenshots look like there is not a clear route, mabe adding some floating icons above it? if the game is about carrying a passenger it would make sense to know the main route, the important part is that it can also allow to take detours without getting lost, which improves the gameplay as the player now has options, what about leaving helpful items outside the main route? to reward exploration

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