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Rtsp server: authentication in another thread

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Hi All,

My application returns data for authentification in another thread. 

I use: 

    auth = gst_rtsp_auth_new(); 
    GstRTSPAuthClass* klass = GST_RTSP_AUTH_GET_CLASS(auth); 
    klass->authenticate = authentificateAndAuthorizeAsync; 

gboolean authentificateAndAuthorizeAsync(GstRTSPAuth *auth, GstRTSPContext 
    /*can send required answer in another thread*/     
    return true; 

How can I use asynchronous authentification  without blocking first thread. 

C++-tools like condition_variables and future/promise are not attractive, as 
far as they blocks first thread. 

Maybe GStreamer can handle it natively? 


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