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MyDream Debuts VR Desktop Experience

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MyDream Interactive Inc. has announced the release of a new product in their VR Toolbox line: VR Toolbox Plus Enterprise, featuring powerful 5K/8K headset technology, ushering in a new era for VR- and AR-driven productivity.  

VR Toolbox Plus Enterprise empowers developers and programmers to leverage multiple virtual monitors and tear-away screens in a 360-degree environment, so they can access all the desktop apps they need at the same time, and in 5K/8K clarity.

“Today’s gamers, developers and designers work within a range of apps and screens simultaneously, often more than they can fit on their physical monitors. This can get in the way of productivity, to say the least,” said Allison Huynh, CEO of MyDream Interactive. “VR Toolbox Plus Enterprise enables users to create a comfortable, customizable workspace – like a VR command center – with as many high-resolution screens as they need to be more productive and efficient.” VR Toolbox Plus Enterprise is ideal for multiple sectors that include: simulation, information technology development, surveillance, and industrial and automotive design.

VR Toolbox Plus Enterprise’s powerful features can be tailored to each developer’s unique workspace preferences:

  • Unlimited Screens – Open as many screens as you need, then size and position them however you like.

  • Real-time Screen Sync – All VRT Plus Enterprise screens sync in real-time, so you can keep up with your team’s projects.

  • High-Res Clarity – VRT Plus Enterprise delivers out-of-the-box support for Pimax 5K Plus and 8K, along with oversampling, antialiasing, and sharpness control.

  • Walking Mode – Naturally “move” among the screens in your environment using both controllers and gesture + HMD orientation.

  • Arcade – Customize your environment with timeless arcade themes and a variety of new props.

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