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Environment Artist Skills

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Hello to all,

In a game development class I am in we are required to choose a potential job specialization we would like to have. We then must analyze our current skill set and measure it against our desired job. For the assignment we are required to get feedback from a game dev community about this job and what skills would be needed to obtain a job in this field. I chose environment artist as my career of choice.

I have some experience in creating basic 3d props. I have little experience in creating textures and my own materials for use with these props as I have used various resources for them before. I have a large interest in pixel art and have experience creating pixel art sprites for use in game but have not created any full sized backgrounds with it.

I understand the technical skills that are required for this type of job but what other skills are beneficial for someone interested in a position as an environment artist? Is there any advice for someone interested in pursuing a career in this field?

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