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Linking Error I've Not Seen Before

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I'm very much still a newbie with DirectX and C++, but I've been coming along pretty well, modifying the SDK demos to do what I want and the like. Last night I had something really wierd happen and I can't figure out what happened. I was modifying the MESHES demo and had put changed the tiger to an .X file I had created. It compiled and ran fine, but I realized that it looked horrible without a texture, so I exited Visuall C++ and modified the file putting in a simple 256x256 bitmap texture. When I went back into C++ and loaded the demo, everything seemd fine - until I went to compile it. I got a linker warning, " - ignoring all GDI32.DLL calls". No other messages, warnings or anything. Well no graphics show up on the screen when the program runs. So I went back to the original tiger mesh that came with the program - same thing. I load other programs and they compile and look fine, but this one is toast. I thought, well, maybe the project got corrupted, so I copied the code and pasted it into a clean project. Same thing. But I'm not seeing any errors other than the one I listed above, so I don't know where to go. Nothing I do has made the program work and I can't figure out what happened. I'm not too concerned about this program since I was just playing around, but I'm going to be starting to work on larger projects pretty soon and would hate to loose everything because of something like this. Any ideas from someone whose seen this before? Edit: BTW, using DirectX 8.1 SDK and Visual C++ 6 SP5 Edited by - JimboC on December 8, 2001 10:36:46 AM

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