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Parsing At The Root Using SnakeYaml Of YAML Document With A Map

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I want to read a YAML document to a map of custom objects (instead of maps, which snakeYaml does by default). So this:

  typeID: 2
  limit: 300
  typeID: 8
  limit: 100

It will load a map which will looks like this:

1	Map<Integer, Item>

where Item is:

class Item {
    private Integer typeId;
    private Integer limit;

I could not find a way to do this with snakeYaml, and I couldn't find a better library for the task either.

The documentation only has examples with maps/collections nested inside other objects, so that you can do the following:

 TypeDescription typeDescription = new TypeDescription(ClassContainingAMap.class);
    typeDescription.putMapPropertyType("propertyNameOfNestedMap", Integer.class, Item.class);
    Constructor constructor = new Constructor(typeDescription);
    Yaml yaml = new Yaml(constructor);
    /* creating an input stream (is) */
    ClassContainingAMap obj = (ClassContainingAMap) yaml.load(is);

Now the question is how do I go about defining the Map format when it is at the root of the document?

Example for using TypeDescription

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