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OpenGL Quad tree Tesselation issue at edges

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I am rendering an FFT ocean using a quadTree. The T-junction problems seem to be eliminated but i am getting some weird pattern beween the edges of tiles of the same size as per the attached image. The same colour means that the tile has the same (world) size: 


As you can see, the edges between tiles are quite noticeably distorted and will distort the textures on top.

I am using the following code to calculate the tesselation LOD (sphere LOD)

vec2 eyeToScreen(vec4 p)
    vec4 r = pMatrix * p;   // to clip space
    r.xy /= r.w;            // project
    r.xy = r.xy*0.5 + 0.5;  // to NDC
    r.xy *= Viewport;    // to pixels
    return r.xy;

float dlodSphere(vec4 p0, vec4 p1, float sideLength)
	vec4 center = 0.5 * (p0 + p1);
	vec4 view0 = vMatrix * center;
	vec4 view1 = view0;
	view1.x += sideLength;//distance(p0, p1);

	vec2 screen0 = eyeToScreen(view0);
	vec2 screen1 = eyeToScreen(view1);

	float d = distance(screen0, screen1);

	// triSize is desired pixels per tri edge
	float t = clamp(d / triSize, 2, 64);

	// Clamp to the nearest larger power of two.  Any power of two works; larger means that we don't lose detail.
	float logTess = ceil(log2(t));
	return pow(2, logTess);

If i change the tesselation to a fixed 64 it all looks okay so it has to be a problem in the Tesselation level calculated above. Anything that looks off in those functions?

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