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Algorithm How is soft selection in 3D DCC such as maya implemented?

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In DCC, we can soft select things with proper falloff in volume/viewport. I think I can do the soft selection with viewport falloff. But how is volume falloff implemented especially with lasso/poly selection mode?

In lasso/poly selection mode, the 2D selection area in viewport is irregular polygon. Then selected objects will also in an irregular 3D space. How to do volume falloff based on this irregular 3D space to achieve soft selection?

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Selection falloff in Maya is based on 2D Bezier curves. I would imagine that the verts are averaged to find a center. It is also possible that each vert has the Bezier applied but that could get computational expensive. From what I remember, Maya has several options for the soft selection each which could have a different algo.

This video may be worth a watch for you.


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