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[Programmer] looking to form a semi-long term team for various game jams!

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I have 4 years of programming experience and am versed in C++, Java, JavaScript, and Python. Despite all that, I prefer to use Game Maker Studio 2 for quick iteration when it comes to making games as I usually stick to 2D.

I'm also as well versed in game design as someone who got a 2 year certificate, but hasn't entered the industry can be, and am currently majoring in Computer Information Science.


A/Several passionate: Artist, Designer, Composer, Writer, Programmers

Looking to gain experience working as a team with others to complete various game jams. You DO NOT have to participate in every game jam to join, but if you end up a repeat teammate EVEN BETTER!


Despite all of my schooling and experience I have not had many opportunities to work as part of a team on projects and it is something that I feel is really important to the production of great games.

I wanted to keep this short, but if you're interested feel free to leave my a message here, in my inbox, or leave your Discord and I can message you on there! Have a wonderful day everyone! And good luck with whatever you're creating!

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hey, just wondering, would you be open to me participating? I have little experience with game jams, but have been programming for 10 years or so now and am trying to get more familiar with unity and C#. if that sounds alright, my discord is Taylorobey #5742, feel free to shoot me a message.

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I am a game design student at full sail, I have some experience in unity and C# I have not had the chance to jump into any game jams yet but I am interested. I'm willing to work on and learn almost anything and practice in my chosen future career path.
Message me on discord @thesageofsteel#0338 if you are interested or you have any questions.

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