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So I am new to a whole bunch of systems that obviously exist within the digital structure. It feels as if by the time I catch up it will all be something different, thus I am behind and always will be. So to speed up my time line I am reaching out there to find others interested in joining forces. I am currently working with my wife to develop a mobile app in Unity.  Building our Game design document, meanwhile building my hierarchy of buttons and battle arenas, dealing with the major frustrations that come with having to look at every aspect of creating a company, app, and universe.. Right where is the topic, well any guidance that I can find in getting me towards others who are looking to join together would be nice. I have strong suits, so does my wife, we are needing people good in unity. If this is in the wrong area to post this, I apologize. We are needing someone who has worked with photon and making some rather simple prefabs for our card game. We do so much art and this digital integration is unfamiliar and deeply hard to navigate at times. I have been spending 10 months getting familiar with blender, unity, and other programs associated with some aspects. Doing tutorials (the timeline is insanely long to do it this way.) However try as I might to reach out to people, most places seem to be dead ends or loops. So, I started actually sharing this game, while I hear the voice of concern that the world just tramples it, I don't know how else to go about getting myself out there. If anyone has any pertinent caring advice, I would love to hear it.  Thank you all for your time.

Ian Broussard


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