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C++ Need help about bullet3 debug drawer

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Recently,I am studying bullet3 and DirectX 11.And I got some wired results like the attachments shows.It should be a sphere not a flat plane.

I extended the btIDebugDraw to draw lines.The draw line api works correctly independently.And I traced the call stack and found there was some thing wrong with the bullet transform .I have no idea about how it acts like that. So I ask for help here.Any help or tips will  be apreciated.




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I haven't used Bullet, but since no one's replied, I'll ask a couple questions. Does the physics simulation itself seem to be working correctly? In what form are you acquiring the transform? Are you sure you're interpreting it correctly (matrix size, element order, etc.)? Are you sure you're passing it to DX correctly? If you use a transform of your own instead (e.g. identity), are the visual results correct?

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