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Advice on Hiring Creative for Mobile Ads

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I use Google's AdWords to advertise my mobile game. I'm getting CPI's of around $0.50, which on the surface seems great to me; however, I'm just feeding AdWords a static image and some strings for their Universal Campaigns. I want to drive down those CPIs further, and I think I can do it with help from an artist who knows how to make ads. Question: Have you used such an artist and was it worth it? Keep in mind, I already have some pretty good static art, I just don't have animated interactive, whiz-bang ads. If you have successfully created great ads to drive app/game installs, do you have a recommendation of an artist or agency?

- I want ads specifically for AdWords aimed at driving installs of my mobile game on Google Play.
- I already have original illustrations for my game and strings that seem to work well for ads. But I need someone to compose them into awesome ads.
- This is a temporary gig, but maybe with ongoing sporadic work for months/years ahead. I want a freelancer or consultant, not a full-time hire.


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Well, I just hired someone on WeWork to make ads for me and we'll see how it goes. I'm getting some HTML 5 banner ads from her, but I have yet to ascertain their effectiveness versus just using a static image and a few strings via Google's Universal Campaigns. It's strange that I can't find a good road map for ad creative out there like "What is the most effective ad creative for AdWord Universal Campaigns for driving down CPI and how do you get such creative without someone in-house?"

Time will tell if I'm wasting my time.

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