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OpenGL ES Phone Lighting?

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Any sage advice for me available? I am trying to get a phone shader up and working, although I am running into some sad blocks in OpenGL ES 2.0.


I have used this article as a starting point:



Do I just need MORE polygons, or am I fundamentally misunderstanding something? Please help me, very sorry.


Vertex Shader:

uniform mat4 ProjectionMatrix;

uniform mat4 ModelViewMatrix;

uniform mat4 NormalMatrix;


attribute vec3 Positions;


attribute vec3 Normals;


attribute vec3 TextureCoords;

varying vec2 TextureCoordsOut;


varying vec3 N;

varying vec3 v;


void main(void) {

    v = vec3(NormalMatrix * vec4(Positions[0], Positions[1], Positions[2], 1.0));


    N = normalize(vec3(NormalMatrix * vec4(Normals[0], Normals[1], Normals[2], 1.0)));


    gl_Position = ProjectionMatrix * ModelViewMatrix * vec4(Positions[0], Positions[1], Positions[2], 1.0);


    TextureCoordsOut = vec2(TextureCoords[0], TextureCoords[1]);





Fragment Shader:


varying mediump vec3 N;

varying mediump vec3 v;


uniform lowp vec4 ModulateColor;

varying lowp vec2 TextureCoordsOut;

uniform sampler2D Texture;


//r, g, b, [ambient intensity]

uniform lowp vec4 Ambient;


//dirX, dirY, dirZ, [diffuse intensity]

uniform lowp vec4 Diffuse;


//Shininess, Specular Intensity

uniform lowp vec2 Specular;


void main (void) {


    mediump vec3 Direction = vec3(-Diffuse[0], -Diffuse[1], -Diffuse[2]);

    //highp vec3 SpotlightPosition = vec3(Specular[0], Specular[1], Specular[2]);


    //highp vec3 L = normalize(SpotlightPosition - v);

    mediump vec3 L = Direction;//normalize(SpotlightPosition - v);


    mediump vec3 E = normalize(v); // we are in Eye Coordinates, so EyePos is (0,0,0)

    mediump vec3 R = normalize(-reflect(L,N));


    //calculate Diffuse Term:

    lowp float Idiff = max(dot(N,L), 0.0) * Diffuse[3];

    Idiff = clamp(Idiff, 0.0, 1.0);


    // calculate Specular Term:

    lowp float Ispec = pow(max(dot(R, E), 0.0), Specular[0]) * Specular[1];

    Ispec = clamp(Ispec, 0.0, 100.0);

    lowp float Ilight = Ambient[3] + Idiff + Ispec

    gl_FragColor = vec4(Ilight, Ilight, Ilight, 1.0);   








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Try to normalize N varying vector, it should help a bit.

Direction vectors do not interpolate good so on the edges there is artifact always, but should not be this big.


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