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[3D Adventure Game] - Destiny Of A Starlit Empire

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I am looking to develop a 3D Graphic Adventure - Inspired by classic games like Beneath A Steel Sky and Monkey island; in style. The game will not be 2D, it will use a custom 3D engine/ide that

has been in dev since 2017, called VectorEngine.

The game focuses on a galactic war between two space-faring races in a galaxy far away, as it goes. The main story will resolve around Vince and his companion, Opia. 

It will have puzzles, story, cinematics, mini-games and some combat sections.


So, we are looking for - 3D artists(Environment/Character/Props) and 2D Artists(UI/Menus/Textures) - Also we are looking for one or two creative writers. Finally, a C# coder with experience with 3D engines, and OpenGL(Via OpenTK) would be helpful.


This is a product intended to be sold on online stores etc, so there will be royalties and future reward, but no immediate pay. 


Although the engine/ide are quite far along, the game is a new product intended to be made with it, so no screenshots yet.


I am Antony Wells, and I am going to code and help design the game. All members who join can also help with design, whatever their main role. 

Reply here or email me at antonyrobwells@gmail.com



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Possible we could see some reference for art style / Level of detail? Interested, you can find me on Discord @InTheBeef#1252

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Imagine beneath a steel sky, but on modern hardware. It will be fully 3D, but may be still set cameras and point and click interface. - We have 1 artist and 1 music guy atm.


Here are a few example shots, that could set the tone for the game. not ours, just off the web.



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Hello Antony.  My name is Steven and I am currently working on a personal project for the Oculus Go.   I'm a programmer at heart but also practice 3D modelling as a hobby.

If provided with concept art( or the "rough gist" ) I'd like to help out with prop-modelling duties.  As far as rewards go a credit in the game as prop modeller would be nice...


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If you see above, that's the sort of style we're going for. There is a design doc on google-drive i can link you to. It describes the opening scene and will be furthered.

We don't have our own concept artist yet. The team is atm,

1. Me

2.Noah - Artist

3. Noah - Music|(Different guy, than our aritst, just same name)

4.Another 3D artist doing characters.

5.Callum - Creative writer


And a couple of other guys i'm talking to, now including you. 

Scene 1, the opening area, is being handled by noah. But you could work on the second area?

We do have a 2D artist, but he's working on logos etc.


If you yourself know a concept artist, pls feel free to introduce him to us.

So yeah if you're interested, pls contact me @ antonyrobwells@gmail.com - cheers.






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