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Java Thoughts on first time pixel art ever

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I'm new to the forums and new to game development, my friend and I are creating a 2D sidescroller and would like feedback on the concept. Our goal being a completely free to download IOS game, and or a desktop release. The art is game is this artist's first work with pixel art, and we would love feedback. Please note that the art in the screenshot is far from being final. The game is coded in Java and has many custom coded systems such as physics hard and soft, entities, parallax backgrounds, dynamic blood and more. We are aiming for a summer release, so any constructive criticism for now is much appreciated. :)

The environment is wet and harsh, the rules of this underwater food chain is clear; eat or be eaten. Spawn as small albacore (Thunnus alalunga) who's presence is over shadowed by a multitude of creatures. The food chain in this environment is dictated not only by size, but by wit. There are many reef fish that populate the abundant kelp and coral, such as Damsel (Pomacentridae) and Angel fish (Pterophyllum). Others prefer the open water. Tuna (Thunnini), Swordifsh (Xiphias gladius) and whales pass over the reef individually in a brave dash, or in larger pacts to avoid even larger predators. The taste of blood travels quickly underwater, they say, as sharks and almost any other fish can at any moment take your pray. Eels (tobacco hornworm) lurk under the sand and rockfish disguise themselfs as small rocks . Use your environment to your advantage as your fight your way up the food chain and subsequently deeper into the ocean. Almost everything that can swim, will probably try to eat you. Then again, the climbing perch (Anabas testudineus) fish doesn't need to swim.

Think a fishy-like game with complex enemies, a lush handrawn environment and items to visually augment and change gameplay upon each play.


- Jake from Black Ear Studios

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