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[Free][Android/iOS] HoldON! - Who would you save first?

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About 3 years ago, our team of five started working on this game for free, in our spare time. HoldOn! is a mobile game with a positive message: save people! The idea of the game came from a recurrent dream - what if all the people close to you were barely hanging on to the edge of a cliff? Who would you save first? 


Trust me, it only looks easy. There's a catch. Some characters can hold on longer than other, making it a challenging puzzle game. The first chapter of the game is based on the theme Mountains & Wilderness and only has 10 levels, all set in different places of the map. 


The game available now on both Google Play and Apple Store, for free, with no ads or IAP whatsoever. 

However, it is far from a finished or final game. We're calling it a proof of concept as well as a proof of our ability to create a game and work together. This short version is meant to showcase the game mechanics, the artwork, and music as well as get feedback from you. It's not by any means a complete game - that's why we're doing a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money we need in order to finish it. There's a lot more cool features, backgrounds, power-ups and characters to be introduced and we want to make the full verson as fun and engaging as possible for you!

So? What do you guys think? We'd love to hear your thought on this project! :) 


P.S.: Another really helpful way of supporting us, if you like the game, is to spread the word to your friends and maybe even share this on Social Media. We'd really appreciate the help!

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