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Thomas vde

Galaxy: Civil war (need 2d + 3d artists, programmers, unity developers

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Project Name : Galaxy: Civil war
Roles Required : 2D & 3D artists, unity developers, programmers, unity particle system designers, SFX artists
My Role : Project manager & assistant programmer
My Previous Projects : essenburgmultimedia dot nl
Team Size : 12
Project Length : 6 months – 1 year
Description :

We’re working on a homeworld 2 like game with ship customization. The goal of our project is to deliver something close to a professional production and to keep it simple as to not get bogged down by feature creep.

The most important thing about the project is that it actually gets done and looks good; more features can always be added later.

We pretty much have enough programmers(except for network programmers) and audio people but we are still looking for artists. So we are looking for some artists to make 3D spaceships+textures, buttons and/or skyboxes. We also need some sound effects that sound as if they are coming from under water. Apart from that we also need people who have experience with unity and who can add particle effects that are up to specs to our weapons fire for example.

See http://galaxycivilwar.com/ for slightly more info and please feel free to send me a PM or apply on the site if you are interested. Make sure to include some of your work so that we have an indication of the quality you can produce.

A little preview: 






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youtube videos dont work

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