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[REV SHARE] Team in early stages looking for multiple positions. (2D / Unity)

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About the game: The project is a 2D trading/combat/exploration oriented game set in a medieval fantasy world developed in unity. The game will be hard and punishing and not meant to be finished on the first try. It involves several different play styles with concepts seen in both old school games and newer ones. It's nothing like what is currently on the market and therefor kind of hard to pin down into a specific genre. We're going for a pretty gloomy theme and putting a lot of focus on the art style and animation. 

Our team: The project is in it's very early stage and we are currently building the team. We currently have an environment artist, character artist, programmer, project manager and a writer. We will be adding more team members as the project moves forward. Our current goal is to build a small prototype to be able to present for further development.

What we need: 
- A 2D artist to help on character designs and animation. (we're going with an older hand drawn style, no pixel art)
- A programmer familiar with C# and unity in general.
- A composer/musician for music and/or sound effects.

If you are interested or have any more questions, contact me on discord at Veizyr#1797 for more details. We'd love to see some of your work and chat more!

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Programmer and composer found! Thank you!

Still looking for a 2D character artist and animator!

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