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JAG-Robert Hashman

Jaunty Ape Games - Desert Creator Kit

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This package is a low poly 3D model kit with included materials and textures. The purpose of this large set of models, is to give the user a toy box of parts to make their own desert scene for use in their games and other projects. This kit is intended for use with DirectX and targets PC platforms. This kit contains 68 3D models, 34 Unique Models, an FBX for each category of models, 34 OBJs for use in other software packages, 83 Prefabs, 5 Categories of Assets, 34 Materials, 30 2048x2048 Diffuse/Albedo Textures, 6 Terrain Normal Maps, and 6 Diffuse/Albedo only Shrub Alpha Cards. Tri Count: Rocks: Range 126-216 Rock Formations: Range 696-2302 Shrubs: Range 120-1240 Palm Trees: 5k (each) Cacti: Range 752-880 Cacti w/Flower: Range 272-1088




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