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DX11 Dose GPU Has Less Workload With V-Sync Opened?

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Hi ,guys .

Currently during our test  I found when users play our game , some video cards will encount TDR frequently .


I try to find out why . If I told these player to change there video config from high to low (eg ,close Anti-aliasing, low lod.etc) , they will have

less possibility to encounter this problem . So I have an conclusion that , much less gpu workload, much stable of the video cards.

I have a adoult about V-Sync。  

If I open the v-sync , the gpu workload will be less or more ? 

Have anyone know the result and tell me why.


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A TDR indicates a single rendering packet took 2 seconds or longer, either because you submitted too much work, or because there was a hardware problem resulting in a hang. VSync doesn't affect the duration of individual rendering packets.

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And if you enable vsync, the GPU will tend to do less work because usually less frames will be rendered (this will be more pronounced in cases where unconstrained it would run at e.g. 500fps instead of 60fps). This can be important for battery life on portable devices, but as far as I'm aware shouldn't cause a GPU to hang (unless it has hardware issues like e.g. overheating).

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