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anyone who would like to work casually on a game

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I would like to work with someone to first create a game idea (or work on an existing idea they have) and then develop it, perhaps a 2D rpg-style game.

I am a programmer, and I know JavaScript best, so I would be inclined to use an engine like Impact.js, but I would be open to other ideas/ engines. (I also have experience in Python and Java. I would be open to using a more popular engine like Unity, but I don't know much about Unity) 

When I said casually work on the game, I mean something that isn't a large time commitment per week, at least at first.

Since this is a hobby project, it would be natural for everyone to work on many aspects of the game, for example I could do some art and level design/ mapping in addition to programming, if someone else also works on those.


Message me or reply if you are interested in working together or have questions. If we're still interested after chatting, I can share my email, discord, or other means of contact.


What's my background? I am an undergraduate student who has already completed all the math requirements for the math major.

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Hi Ester,


I am working on growing my portfolio and would be interested in chatting! I am a musician/composer and could help with writing and art/character design. I have worked on a few projects in the past. Here is a link to my soundcloud -->Soundcloud<--

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Hows it going man? I have been developing a 2d RPG game, I am mostly an artist, and Im presently trying to learn C#. I keep stopping myself from moving forward because I need to learn more coding. I have a couple of ideas and a little document written out, If you'd be interested in helping me develop it, that'd be really cool. I want to use the unity engine to make it because that is what I have the best knowledge on. If interested, shoot me a message and we can talk more. I am in the military and work constantly so this would require no more than like an to two hours a week. (Maybe 3 - 4 on a weekend for me). My email is S.ayed291@outlook.com. 

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