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[Rev-share] LF Concept Artist

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Hello dev world!

My name is Christian, aka Jawsarn, and I'm looking for a concept artist to join our newly formed team!

Some brief background on me;
I'm 26, live in Karlskrona (Sweden), have a master in game and software engineering, but also taken some courses in design and modelling on my free time. I worked a year and founded the studio Loophole Interactive, but is now shaping up a new crew! More on me and my portfolio at: http://jawsarn.com/ .

The project;
I've started on making a techinical prototype for a game. It is a co-op centric arena-like game where two teams composed of spaceships fight for objectives. The idea is that players team up in their ships to steer, repair, shoot, upgrade and monitor their defences. All this is played in a first person experience!

Note: Even though the basic idea is set, I am counting on all members to have their share of input of how the game/future games should evolve!

Compensation will be in shape of revenue-split based on composed workforce with reservation of funding for future projects.

Finally, about you!
You have an ambition to evolve as a developer and as a person, can communicate and work in a team, and of course want to be a part of creating awesome and fun experiences!

If you have any questions or if you're interested throw me a DM here or (faster response) discord Jaws#8042 ! :)

Technical prototype of project: 


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