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AIML for waitress chatterbot?

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I'm looking for some AIML files suitable for smalltalk chatterbot responses from a waitress NPC. The idea is that my own program asks questions like "What do you want to order" and scans the result for keywords. If the response is off-script, I want to send that to a chatterbot to get something vaguely reasonable as a reply. Then I'll ask  the "what do you want to order" question with slightly different language. Repeat until the player gets it.

So basically I need some big AIML file of irrelevant comebacks, suitable for a waitress role. There's lots of free AIML around, such as https://github.com/pandorabots/Free-AIML but none of it seems quite relevant.


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You can make your own AIML to do this. Here you go!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<aiml version="2.0">
        <template>Hi there. What do you want to order?</template>
        <that>WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ORDER</that>
            <think><set name="order"><star/></set></think>
            <condition name="order">
                <li value="PIZZA">Sure. What toppings would you like?</li>
                <li value="HAMBURGER">Coming right up!</li>
                <li value="FISH">Nice healthy choice.</li>
                <li value="STEAK">How do you like your steak cooked?</li>
                <li>Sorry but we dont have that.</li>
                <li>That's not on the menu.</li>
                <li>We don't have <get name="order"/> on the menu.</li>
            <br/>What do you want to order?

If you are using AIML 2, you could put the food choices in a <set> instead. Here is a sample conversation.



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10 hours ago, IADaveMark said:

Are you at all familiar with what Jeff Orkin did with the Restaurant Game?


(Edit... shit, was that really 12 years ago?!?)

That's a neat project. It seems to have led to a commercial chatbot. The "giantotter.com" site no longer seems to host it. That site is now one of those no-info "funnel" sites that demands you sign up before they tell you anything useful.

Actually, I just want a chatterbot to handle messages that don't match the script. That way the waitress can make small talk if you get off script, then say something to get the user on script.

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