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Team For Small-Scale Projects

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Hello everyone,

I'm putting together a team to work on small-scale projects.

The main focuses of the team will be to practice and complete what we start.

In case you're wondering, there is no plan of making profit, so there is no payment or promise of rev-share.

If this is something you might be interested in, feel free to message me here or on Discord.

My username on Discord is Max#1389.

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Some more info might be usefull to attract people, e.g.:


What do you do...coding, 3d models, writing, sound...?

What game engine will be used?

What kind of projects do you have in mind? ArchVis, platformer game, Adventure...?

What experience do you have for such projects,

which programms can you use?


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Thank you for the feedback.
I'll try to keep that people might want that type of information in mind for the future.

The reason I left the post so vague was because I didn't want to deter anyone.
The only real goal of the projects is to keep the scale small.
Other than that, I'm up to adjust the projects we work on on what the people that join want to practice.
Same thing goes for game engines and such.

I plan on mainly do management for the team.
Although, I have a little bit of experience in programming and 2D art.

Again, thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate it.

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