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Brief Interview Request: to whom has high-proficiency in coding

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Hello! We are business school students in South Korea, studying game developing tools for academic purpose.

We prepared an interview sheet about your opinion about game tools & game developing process as a game developer.

Our survey target is game developers who have used/interested in game developing tool (e.g. Unity, Unreal, cocos2d, RPG maker, etc) and who have high proficiency in coding/programming language.

So if you think you have high codding ability & few game developing experience, we would highly appreciate your answer. It will be great help to our study! 

**If you don't mind, please send your numbered answer to jennyhan96@gmail.com or message me back! Thank you:)


1.      Do you upload your games to U.S. market?

(For example, App store or Play store for android.)

Plus, mind I ask if you are American?


2.      How long have you been developing (programming) games?


3.      How many games have you developed since you started developing?


4.      How would you say your proficiency of coding skills?

(For example, pure amateur, semi professional, professional)


5.      For what purpose do you develop/upload games? Just for fun/hobby or for any kind of profit?

-         If you say it is not just for fun, may I ask whether you are full-time developer or part-timer?


6.      I would like to ask whether you have gained any kind of profit through your games.

-         If you have, how long did it take to generate revenue stream for the first time?

-         And can you tell us how much profit you have earned and from what part of the game did you earned money?

-         And have you ever made any monetary investment on your game?


7.      Do you believe that there exists typical game developing path or curriculum? (For example, people start developing with RPG maker, and they move to Unity after obtaining some expertise, etc.) Otherwise, do developers use different tools for different game genres?


8.      Which game tools do you use to develop game? (e.g. Unity, Unreal, Roblox, RPG maker, etc) Please list them all :)

-         If you have used more than one tool, can you compare them briefly? Overall feedback like relative pros and cons are fine!


9.      Do you communicate with other developers?

-         If you do, how do you communicate with other developers? Can you recommend us any developer communities or forums that you frequently visit?


10.  What is the most difficult part in game development?

US game developers interview sheet.docx

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