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Preferred workflow for creating tiled terrain

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Hey all, this is a question intended for people that have experience generating large terrains and have a particular workflow that works for them.

I'm an environment artist, and I have much experience creating assets and levels for mobile devices. However, I am trying to expand my skillset to include the creation of large tileable terrains. Reason for this is I would like to have a lot of data in the heightmaps, and single 4k or 8k textures as the entire terrain mesh just isn't supporting the level of detail I am looking for.

My question is this -- what is your preferred workflow to get something from world machine (or similar terrain program) as a final asset in unreal (or comparable engine)? Not looking for tutorials, but just best practices or what's worked for you to make things as efficient as possible. Mainly what steps do you take from inception until you consider it completed.

This will eventually be for use with games, but I don't have any particular engine in mind. I've looked into Unreal and its World Composition feature, and seems to be able to handle what I want to do, so I'm starting to focus efforts towards that. But I'm not against other engines if there's a better alternative to World Composition. Thanks in advance!

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