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Better name for "Battle Group"

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It's a 4X in space.


There are Fleets and Flotillas (so those names are taken). Those are composed of Battle Groups (a unit containing 1 flagship, 1-2 battleships and 4-8 smaller ships like frigates and destroyers).

Now, Battle Group is quite a longish name... I would not mind something shorter and/or sounding better. Especially since those would be used a lot (and I'm not sure an abbreviation "GBs" or "B.G.s" would sound good and intuitive).

I was thinking of Squadrons, but those sound like "Fighter Squadron", definitely not like somethining containing battleships...


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If "Battle Group" is a good name but too long, how about just "Group"?

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Posted (edited)

How about a different language like German? "Gefechtsverband" or "Bataillion"? Sounds much more dangerous, because it sounds stranger and for most German still sounds very aggressive and can be marketed well.

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