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[Pixel Artist, Music Composer, SFX] Need art, music, and sound effects in the style of a SNES Game

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Needing someone that can create some snes art (environment or character), music, or sfx.

I'm creating a game that is like seiken densetsu 3.

I am looking for high fidelity environment 16bit pixel art for this project.

I also need character sprites, (face: up, down, left, right) with attack animations, idle animations, hit animation, walk animations. NPC's sprites don't need attack animation or hit animation

Enemy sprites (face: Up, Down, Left, right) attack animation, idle animation, hit animation, walk animations.

Boss sprites, bit sprites that have a large amount of attacks.

Also need some promotional art and logo

I am also looking for music and sfx that sound like they could come out of a snes.

For music, i need a title theme, town theme, over-world theme, dungeon theme, boss theme and more.

Will pay for your work.

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