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I want form a little team for web/mobile games [en español tambien]

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Hi ladies and guys from GDNet.First for all, sorry for my bad english, understand me please.My name is Alfonso Suarez and I'm a 18-years old student for graphic design and enthusiast for informathic engineering and game development. I'm from Venezuela and currently lives there. From that i have 13-years old, I want develop videogames and some other apps, and I was learning about game development, I started as 3D-Modeler with 3D software like Cinema4D and Blender, as so be 2D-Artist/Illustrator practicing Vector and Pixel art techniques. Recently, three years back I was learning C# programming for game development (Unity, MonoGame/XNA) and a bit of some other programming languages like C++ or C, Java, Lua and Phyton, I never coding other thing that don't be a game.I was part of some Little game development teams for mobile apps or desktop games, but nothing truely stable. More than three years back I lost Internet service and I feel away from game dev community, but i never stop trying develop games.Now i find a poor internet service but enough for enter again on game development in team. I'm wondering to start simple with a Little team of 3-4 people, developing games for web uploaded in Kongregate, GameJolt and Itch.io or any lightweight indie games plataform, maybe later level up to develop for Android and iOS. You don't need to be a pro because I'm not a pro, you just need to know enough for start fastly developing simple games on your specific area.My main idea is develop on Unity 3D game engine and publishing on WebGL, but we can select another engine and tools that it will be much better for the group. I don't have specific game ideas, i have some but nothing sure, anyway, maybe we start with 2D games.I need at least a game programmer and a game artist for begin my journey, i hope that you can help me to accomplish our dreams as game developers. The payment beginly isn't sure, but after make videogames, this is the main target.You can contact me via e-mail: alfssg2k@gmail.com, or WhatsApp: +584909313.Si eres latino o de habla española, pues genial!!!!! Es justamente la gente con la que necesito realizar videojuegos de forma mas comoda asi que no dudes en contactarme!

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