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Writer for Hack'n Slay ARPG

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Dear reader,

for an upcomming ARPG hobby project I'm looking for a Story Writer/ Story Designer to give the story a heart and body. Are you in search of a challenge and want to work on a game with a unique story told in it's own universe developed with state-of-the-art technology? Then this might be your chance!

I'm a long time gamer, designer, developer, board game fan and hobbyist board game author, passionated in games since age of 6 with addiction to video games. Working as senior in the games industrie at day, at night tinkering at my very own game engine and ideas for games I want to make with it popping into my mind from time to time. While most of them stay at the idea level, a few have become real game projects at least in planning and I created w complex universe arround all those games during past 20 years.


The Game

The game this post is about is a hack-and-slay action role-playing game in a steam punkt and fantasy mixed setting of a world far in it's own history. A world once home for a high spiritually race called the ancestors, now a place of political riots, misery and cult of gods and other things that let the player explore the abyss of humanity facing a big evil that throws it's shadows over the imperial capital. The player will explore dark and scary places of long forgotten cultures with one of 6 playable races in cooperative multiplayer.


Your Tasks

  • Transfer existing basic points of Races, Cultures and the History into an encyclopedia used by game designers and developers
  • Fill in the gaps so that anything becomes plausible and interesting
  • Plan and design the characters that will take part in the story
  • Plan and design the places based on the encyclopedia
  • Polish the games story



  • At least some experience in character design
  • Good communication skills and a reliable response time
  • Disciplined self-reliant and motivated work style
  • Fluent in spoken and written English
  • A Discord account
  • At least 5 hours per Week to work on this project


Considered a Plus

  • Knowledge of the German language
  • As passionated as I am for letting others be part of interesting worlds
  • Working as professional in the industry too


I offer

No money at the moment because I'm working in my spare time and at my own charge, but a friendly, motivated and passioned teammate in a highly professional work environment, technical knowledge from a long-term industrie professional and and a share once the game is in a polished state.


Dear reader, thank you for taken the time to read the full post and if you have any questions or want to work with me/us, please feel free to send a PM or Discord Message with a short introduction and a brief time schedule so I/we have an overview to plan further development.

Thank you in advance!

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