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Looking for help on open source, text game engine development

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Hello!  I am looking for help with developing a from-scratch, open source engine and web frontend for text-based games, in the style of MUDs, MUCKs, MUSHs, etc.  Rather than simply replicate what those systems currently offer, I am looking to make some substantial improvements and bring the concept into the modern world.  This includes a standardized, easy-to-use web interface, using AngelScript https://www.gamedev.net/forums/forum/34-angelcode/ for as much of the in-game commands as possible for a more modern scripting experience, a modular C++ backend to make it more maintainable and extensible, and a large number of in-game usability enhancements and new features.

My goal is this:  To make text-based gaming appealing to people who would find it fun, but are put off by the all-text interface, a fairly steep learning curve, and a client program (which may not be easy to use!) that must be installed in order to access it.  In turn, this would hopefully make text-based gaming more popular again.

I am looking for all sorts of help.  Examples include: C++ developers, web developers, documentation, design, UX, writing the in-game scripts, testing, hosting a sample installation, etc.

A proof of concept demo is available for running on Linux and may eventually be ported to other systems.  You can find the project and more info at:


Feel free to respond to the post or message me if you have any questions.  Thanks!

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This is quite a bit different from Quest, I feel:  It is multi-user (and therefore has a server component) and allows users to modify the game (new rooms, worlds, players, objects, programs, etc) while it is running.  In theory the game would never need to be shut down, restarted, or recompiled except for major system patches.

The concept is not new, but most of the current servers are based off decades old designs or have significantly reduced flexibility.  I probably should have made that more clear and I apologize for that; I realize now that not everyone knows what a MUD or MUCK even is - they've gotten a lot more obscure compared to 15-30 years ago.

Hopefully this helps explain it a little better.  Thanks for your feedback!

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