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IGDA Executive Director Jen MacLean Steps Down

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The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) executive director, Jen MacLean, is stepping down after nearly two years of tireless work fulfilling the IGDA’s mission of supporting and empowering game developers around the world in achieving fulfilling and sustainable careers. Lucien Parsons, chair of the IGDA board, steps in as interim executive director and MacLean will assume a one-year term on the IGDA board to assist with the transition to a new executive director, continuing her commitment to the work of the IGDA while she pursues a new career opportunity.

MacLean’s term as executive director saw the IGDA expand its representation of international game developers, including new chapters in Pakistan, Istanbul, Kenya, and Fortaleza, Brazil. Meanwhile, existing international chapters in Guatemala, Argentina, and Kaliningrad are among IGDA's fastest growing chapters.

Jen_MacLean_Horizontal.pngAlong with the guidance of the IGDA board, MacLean assisted the founding of special interest groups for Latin and Muslim game developers, along with special interest groups (SIGs) for Analytics, Game Art, and Games for Health. Existing SIGs for Game Art, Romance & Sexuality, Students, Credit Standards, and Accessibility were the fastest growing during MacLean’s tenure.

“Jen’s tenure was a massive success. Her leadership helped us achieve incredible growth in membership signups and renewals,” said Parsons. “More studios and chapters are part of IGDA than at any point in the history of the organization and their membership is more valuable to them than ever before thanks to the partnerships she brokered. Jen leaves the IGDA and its members in a great place, well positioned for our future.”

“My time as executive director has been the most rewarding part of my time in the games industry, and I thank the IGDA board and staff for their support and hard work to help our developers. I’m proud especially of how we expanded the IGDA to truly represent our international mission and diverse membership.” said Jen MacLean. “This was the ideal time for me to move on and for us to find a fresh new voice to guide the IGDA into the 2020s. In the interim, I know Lucien will continue our strong work."

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