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Collecting responses on the idea for a game

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How to you will the idea of post-apocalyptic multiplayer of a game similar in a genre on battle royale, but the main feature be duration of a game session in several days? 64 or more players appear on a big city location under the guise of ordinary people of the zombies of an apocalypse who are not suspecting the beginning. Several minutes later begin an apocalypse and on all location to appear the zombie. The main goal of a game to survive most longer and if you remain the last that the session all the same does not come to an end having given the chance to the player to break the global game record. Objects will not respavn and each time it will be necessary to explore more difficult places, also every day of the zombie will mutate and find new abilities.

We do not mention technical features of a game now, the opinion on the idea is important.

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Posted (edited)

to me it feels it has enough progression. I feel I'm missing a little on the way of caring or it needs a little more hook. I think maybe a few worda on survival tactics would be a step in a positive direction. Or, perhaps give me a little more environment to place me in the senerio a little deeper.

(I'm not a writer, I just play one on TV) hope this is all right.

The game idea itself seems doable with the right group of people.

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Op focus? VVV I'm not sure yet.

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2 минуты назад Том Слопер сказал:

Это не вопрос письма. Переходим к игровому дизайну.

Склонение   спасибо ср.р., Существительное

спасибо / спасибо


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