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New trailer feedback!

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Hi all

I've produced a new trailer for my game, and although i've been working in C++ and other programming languages as a developer for many years, when it comes to video editing and production i'm still as green as they come (so be gentle!).

This trailer features a lot of the newer gameplay set pieces and mechanics so gets across more the objects and things i want to convey. A few people i've let see this video say that it's a lot better paced than my previous attempts and more exciting to watch.

If you could please give some of your own constructive feedback on this and potential improvements I can make to it without spending money and by doing the changes myself, I would be grateful. (I have no further budget for this apart from my time) - Thanks!


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The video is really good!  It's really difficult to create compelling media, whether that be a promotional video or game or whatever.

The game itself looks great and possibly like the kind of game that's gonna get me on the edge of my seat and shouting at the TV (in the same way Overcooked does)!  😄

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I think you have a really interesting looking game here, and I wish you luck with your launch.

Two minor comments: the text needs to be bigger and prominent for anyone watching on mobile. And much of your audience will. Second, the start sequence of "incorrect crate" is one of the least grabby. I suggest starting with one of the more exciting sequences you show instead.

One major comments: I wasn't clear from the trailer what the actual game play is? Is this a puzzler? An action puzzler? Some kind of Zach-a-like? It's not clear.

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