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Open Source Port MIT version of Doom source to mobile, Vulkan for commercial development

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The 3DO port of the original Doom source code is licensed as MIT. Is there anyone out there interested in helping me port it first to OpenGL ES 2.0, then to Vulkan for the purpose of developing commercial FPS games? Recently released Ion Maiden proves that it is possible to make new successful games using 1990's 3D engines, even if they are only sector-based and use sprites. I'm also interested in developing a mobile sector-based level editor for this in which you can tap vertices on the tablet to create level geometry quickly.

It's 32-bit C and from what I read, walls are drawn with 3DO's custom rasterizer, which we can replace with OpenGL/Vulkan. Floors are drawn the original way, I think. The monsters are sprites, which I'm fine with for now, but we can replace them with models eventually.

How difficult of a job is this? Can I swing this part-time (a couple of hours a day) in a few months? Can requirements be improved to get other people interested to get this done faster?

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