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[Rev-Share] Venture, a 1vs1 multiplayer fighter

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Hello everyone!

Here is Manuel S. lead developer of Venture, a 1vs1 multiplayer mage fighting game that focuses on a unique mix of class based moba games and 1vs1 fighting games.

The base concept is pretty simple, you have to try to kill your enemy before he kills you. However here comes the spin, while playing you are free to rotate through a set of classes to counter your current enemys attack. Also spamming ability from only one class will automatically switch to the next class which ensures a unique and fun gameplay.

The game is currently in a playable state, however things like networking do have to be improved. I work right now on implementing Steam with a nice new lobby UI which already works pretty well.

So here is the thing:


-A 2D Graphic Designer | preferable pixel art | to further advance the current art style and rework assets

-A Gameplay Designer | preferable with a bit of coding background to prototype ideas | to develop new and unique spell / classes

-A lot of testers! This is a multiplayer game so we do need a few players to test and get things started

We aren't primarily aiming to earn a lot of money with this game, however If we will any we will split everything between all team members (testers excluded).

For testers we could think about a tester in game skin / badge!

If anyone is interested into joining our team don't hesitate to comment! Former experience does not really matter as long as you are motivated to bring this game to life!

Here are some more screenshots of the current state:





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