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The Curfew - Cyberpunk Adventure Game

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The Story:

When an entire nation is opressed with a system that implements an extricted curfew, Luke begins to do a full boring routine every day, but he will change that really soon. The Curfew is a Cyberpunk Comedy/Suspense adventure game, where your main objetive is to stop the curfew and save the nation, until you discover something more bigger behind that will change your life completely.

You can discover cities, fight against the system, make friends, and also enemies, and more things you will find in this game.

The game will have a principal linear story but you can explore, make "secondary" missions, learn things that will help you through the story and make it a little bit more easy (or hard), the end can be a little bit different depend on your actions.




An extra gif of the first screenshot (to see the animations):

(The speed of the gif is a little bit more faster than the original game and the size is bad, I don't know 
why the program save it like that, I still fighting with gifs but is an example so you can see the animations)


Well this is one of my first games that I want to make it full-lenght, and giving to it all my passion. I work on this in my free time, I'm the only person working on the game (except for a storywriter that help me) so the progress is so slow. I started this like 8 months ago for a competition,I couldn't finish it on time, but I really loved it so I decided to making it a full game. 
The game actually is about 40/50 % ready, but I can't bring a deadline for the moment, I don't want to speed up the things, this is something that I love and I want to making it a fun process too.

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