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Whether it is worth developing the idea?

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Whether it is worth beginning development of a game?


Short description:

Ruins of Despair is a subject single-user game with a possibility of cooperative passing. Events are developed in the near future of Post-Soviet Ukraine which endured consequences of global warming by means of removal of the special genome allowing plants will adapt to the adverse environment. But the result surpassed all the expectations having made a half of the population blood-thirsty monsters of persons interested to eat the rest. The plot tells about the nurse who appeared in the first wave of infections. By miracle having survived, she tries to understand what to it to do next. The main emphasis will be given to a drama component showing behavior of people at the very beginning of falling of infrastructure and habitual life.





Due to environmental pollution, the planet is gradually becoming uninhabitable. At first, global warming destroys part of the crops, the rest of the animals are also on the verge of extinction, world hunger begins. Countries are fighting for fertile land, but over time it gets worse, starvation is commonplace, wars stop because of lack of food, people just live out their last days. But scientists are able to derive a unique genome that can adapt plants to this environment. Gradually everything is normalized, people are recovering from world hunger, the planet comes to a habitable state. But the genome due to the ability of adaptation and self-development mutates once in the food chain, gradually takes control of the body carrier. So there are the first infected. Just the story begins with an acquaintance with the first of them. The player will have to survive in these conditions and watch as the recently restored infrastructure collapses again.





Events unfold in the post-Soviet space of Ukraine, with the exact reconstruction of real geographical objects. The main action will take place in the city of Kiev and its surroundings.





Because of the ability of the genome to adapt quickly to the environment, the diversity of infected will be high. Each species will have unique abilities and structure of the organism, which directly depends on the habitat.

Often encountered in the early stages of the game infected will be quite primitive in terms of behavior. The structure of their body is almost unchanged, from afar their silhouette is easily confused with the silhouette of a man, but close to clearly visible differences. Because of the proximity to the plants, their skin acquired a greenish hue and was covered with growths in the form of leaves, which suggests the possibility of obtaining part of the energy for existence through photosynthesis. As a result, their behavior is divided into two stages - when there is access to sunlight or its analogues, they lead a fairly passive lifestyle similar to sleep, often without even paying attention to the noise, at other times, they go hunting in search of any food, often small animals, or, if you're lucky, something bigger. But there were rare cases when, apparently, the brain is not completely absorbed, and such creatures were able to eat food from the shops.





The main focus will be directed to the feeling of the atmosphere, that would be in search of supplies you clearly felt the danger, knowing that from any corner can get out evil, or a sense of security, when the street howls blizzard or storm began, you can hear around the howl of the infected, and you are in your equipped shelter and I'm sure that no one will penetrate it, you're all approaches barricaded, aren't you? And all the desperate who dared to penetrate the darkness, expected an unenviable fate.





The player will have to fight not only with opponents, hunger and thirst, but also to take care of their health. Timely eat and drink water, dress for the weather, monitor the quality of provisions and give the body rest and sleep. Depending on the location, there may be a shortage of one of these aspects, so, in the industrial zone, there will be a shortage of food and water, but there will be a large number of tools or other items, and once in the sleeping area of the city, there will be enough provisions, but materials or spare parts are much less. Just do not forget that you are not alone prowling in search of supplies and trying to survive, often the most dangerous opponents are not infected, but the same as you. Of course, since you are not alone, the number of supplies will gradually decrease, and the most rare and valuable items such as weapons and medicines will be almost impossible to find in easily accessible places - will have to gather the spirit and go where even the bravest does not dare to step foot. As you know, simple gun shops have long been looted.





  • Work and handling of weapons.
  • The study of the organism of creatures.
  • Inventory system.
  • Minimalism of the interface.
  • Atmosphere.





  • Development of detailed behavior of weapons, their operation and maintenance.
  • Cleaning and repair as required.
  • The possibility of complete analysis and replacement of its parts.





  • No health bands for all creatures.
  • Elaboration of damage to the body (injuries, illness).
  • Hit the heart, head, deadly, do not need to shoot the whole store at the enemy, if not necessary




  • Realistic storage and carrying things, almost like in life.
  • Management of items in the inventory: the most necessary will have to put in more accessible places, for example, a first-aid kit on top of other items in a backpack.




  • Minimalism of the interface.
  • No indicators of food, health, ammo and equipment on the screen.
  • Body information will be given in a separate menu.
  • Learn the number of cartridges in the magazine can be directly examined the magazine.


Whether it is worth beginning development of a game?



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What would make it "worth it" for you? You didn't tell us. If you're asking us if the game could make profit beyond the dev cost, you're asking a business question. Beginning development is easy. It's finishing development, and marketing, that are expensive. You did not mention what platform(s) the game would play on. One game is not a business. What's your plan for after this one game has been developed? What kind of games is your business going to focus on? More like this one? What's your plan for raising the cost of development? How are you going to monetize the game?

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Posted (edited)

It sounds like you are trying for a sort of realism. No doubt crafting systems, and realistic graphics and the like are great game components; However, I would caution you to really examine your game mechanics, and ensure they aren't tedious. Some things simply take away from gameplay, annoy, frustrate, and/or needlessly raise the learning curve. In addition, they cost development resources that could be saved, or used elsewhere.

Make sure that when being 'realistic' that you still provide analogs for senses. In real life, you have a sense of where you are getting hit from. You may not have a health bar, but you have a huge amount of nerves throughout your body. Minimal ui sounds great, just be sure to create intuitive replacements. It is still a game, and the game to player interface is low bandwidth atm.

To your question though, ultimately it has a different answer for everyone. You should evaluate what resources you expect such an endeavor to take, what you expect to achieve/receive, weigh those with other life goals/commitments/expectations, and your unique situation. Some people are fulfilled by doing game dev as a hobby, over the course of years/decades. Some people want to support themselves and a family doing it. You will ofcourse estimate waaayyyy low, unless you've already shipped a few games. If you've never finished a game, I would recommend making a few tiny games first. Even if very very simple, just make them fun. Don't worry about graphics, maybe use free or very very cheap premade models. (I'm kind of assuming programmer here, but you get the point.)

Edited by Scienthsine

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2 hours ago, Scienthsine said:

Похоже, вы пытаетесь что-то вроде реализма. Без сомнения, системы крафта, реалистичная графика и тому подобное - отличные игровые компоненты; Тем не менее, я хотел бы предостеречь вас от тщательного изучения игровой механики и убедиться, что она не утомительна. Некоторые вещи просто убирают из игрового процесса, раздражают, расстраивают и / или бесполезно поднимают кривую обучения. Кроме того, они стоят ресурсов для разработки, которые могут быть сохранены или использованы в другом месте.

Убедитесь, что, будучи «реалистичным», вы по-прежнему предоставляете аналоги для чувств. В реальной жизни вы чувствуете, откуда вас бьют. Вы можете не иметь планку здоровья, но у вас огромное количество нервов по всему телу. Минимальный пользовательский интерфейс звучит великолепно, просто обязательно создавайте интуитивно понятные замены. Это все еще игра, и интерфейс игры к игроку имеет низкую пропускную способность.

На ваш вопрос, тем не менее, в конечном итоге у каждого свой ответ. Вы должны оценить, какие ресурсы вы ожидаете получить от таких усилий, чего вы ожидаете достичь / получить, взвесить ресурсы с другими жизненными целями / обязательствами / ожиданиями и свою уникальную ситуацию. Некоторые люди довольны тем, что занимаются разработкой игр в качестве хобби на протяжении многих лет / десятилетий. Некоторые люди хотят содержать себя и свою семью. Вы, конечно, оцените вааауыы на низком уровне, если только вы не поставили несколько игр. Если вы никогда не заканчивали игру, я бы рекомендовал сначала сделать несколько крошечных игр. Даже если очень очень просто, просто сделайте их веселыми. Не беспокойтесь о графике, возможно, используйте бесплатные или очень дешевые готовые модели. (Я предполагаю, что программист здесь, но вы поняли.)

Good example of the minimalist interface is escape from tarkov


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