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PASCAL convention?

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barazor    122
i heard that using the PASCAL calling convention on functions with a finite amount of parameters( like int add(x,y); not int dosomething(x,...)) makes your executables smaller. any pointers on using this?

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Shannon Barber    1681
PASCAL in the Win32 environment means __stdcall which is slightly more efficent in the way it passes parameters. Most of the time it really doesn''t matter - and when it does you generally don''t have a choice of which calling convention to use. You have to use the correct one or it doesn''t work.

IIRC, you''re supposed to use __stdcall for dll functions. And nearly all of the Win32 functions and callbacks are __stdcall''s.

There''s a project setting to make __stdcall the default convention if you want to try it.

Magmai Kai Holmlor

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