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OpenGL Issue with using GLUT on an SGI IRIX computer.

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I am trying to make an OpenGL remake of some of the tricks that were used in the Goldeneye game from 1997 for the Nintendo 64.

I have a SGI computer to give myself the full programming experience and a C compiler for the code. 


My only issue left, besides the game itself, is the issue with getting GLUT to work on the computer. 


I get an error that has to do with the -n32 and -o32 not being able to work together in the compiling.


I have both the MipsPro compiler and the GCC compiler, and none of these work with GLUT.

I can get OpenGL code working, but I have to use the crappy X11 library that nobody uses unless you are going to use Linux as a main computer (which not many people really do).


I have all of the applications that I will need for editing and 3d modelling, but the last thing that I will need is for GLUT to start working so that I can begin the project without having to deal with the impediments of using the X11 library. 


Why am I using an SGI computer?


It is for the SGI Indy community (nekochan) and the discord that I set up that includes me and some other dude trying to make a Nintendo 64 library with MIPS assembly. 


As you may know, I cannot use the Nintendo 64 SDK because it is illegal and I can be put in federal prison for using it and sued for 2 million dollars. 


How can I fix this? Nobody on the SGI computer discord will help me, so this is the next place I went to.


Some more information:

The SGI computer that I use can connect to the internet (I had to set it up), but it uses Netscape Navigator, which means that most of the sites that I visit for the files I will need are out of my reach, which means that I have to move to other websites (mostly FTP sites) such as irix.cc.


How can I fix this so I can finish the program for the community to put on the FTP site?

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