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Making an "eye tuner" to improve eye movement accuracy....

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10-25% of students have vision system dysfunction.  This affects the student's ability to learn in school.  There's no reason to believe video game players are any different, is there?

Does anyone known how "tuned" their vision system is?  Wouldn't it be great to know this on a day to day basis?

I've started the project as a side project with a local high school student with thoughts that this would be useful in schools.   We could use people with Android/Iphone app development experience, or others if people would like to contributed.    

I've a decade in rehabilitation (vision system dysfunction, concussions, etc).  Also in biomedical and electrical engineering.  

Thoughts/feedback appreciated.

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This sounds like an amazing project, I wish you all the luck with it's development. I hope you're able to help many people with the result.

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