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I just had to point out how spot on this guys prediction was

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This guy asked why Ray Tracing was so slow.  Bacterius explains the problem succinctly and then goes on to explain how to fix the problem.  He even gave a time-frame for when the solution he proposed would take to come out.  Low and behold, he was spot on.

This probably breaks a ton of rules but this guy deserves the credit.



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Well, now it's 2019. I've got an NVidia 2080 RTX running with Unreal Engine 4 and I can ray trace 1920x1080 scenes in real time at 60 fps. It's been something graphics programmers have dreamed of for 30+ years. For a long time, I thought it would never happen, but here we are. This afternoon I was ray tracing a scene with two metallic spheres and counting the number of bounces in their reflections and modifying it in real time. Wow! A scene like that would have taken a few minutes to render on the CPU 8 years ago, even with multi-threading.
The tech is only 3-4 months old though, so it's easy to run into areas which aren't fully supported yet. It's also easy to crash your video card on accident. But, I think in the next few quarters, we're going to start seeing a lot of these rough edges getting smoothed out. Seeing RTRT in upcoming games may take a lot longer though: release cycles are long and publishers & devs are going to target a market that doesn't have RTRT capable GPU's quite yet. Give it a few years though, and I think ray traced games will become a lot more common.

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