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Indie Studio - Multiplayer Aircraft Game - Looking for all kinds of talent

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Pilot - Flying Action Multiplayer Game

Project Title:
Pilot (Temporary)

A cartoony aircraft game created in UnrealEngine4 focused on large level streaming maps and detailed foilage using impostors. It will be a multiplayer game where players can choose from a set of classes which will all have thier pros and cons. The game will be based around capturing and defending map control points.

Link to Current Demo Video: 

-Aircraft (Plane / Helicoper) Classes with specialities and weapon custimization.
-Cartoony Style (Volumetic Clouds, Explosions, Weapons, Props, Water)
-Ground AI units which will make capturing points harder and will add more action.

Team Structure:
Bojan 'bok!' Kucera - Developer / Blueprints / WebDev / 3DModel / ProjectManagement / LevelDesign

Talent Required:
Gameplay Designer
Concept Artist
3D Artist
Level Designer
Project Management
Blueprint Scripter

In Progress

Link to Trello Board for bigger overview:

E-mail: me@bojancode.com
Discord: bok!#9971

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