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Artist looking for team/partner!

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Hello everyone, I am an artist looking to find a long or short term game development partner or partners! I am new to the game development scene, but I've had a lot of fun in the past programming my own visual novels. I am looking for like-minded people who want to work with me on a free, or possibly paid if it's good enough, game! It doesn't have to be a visual novel, any type of game will do. If any of you need an artist, I'm open and ready for the job.

I don't really have an idea for a game at the moment, I was hoping if anyone is a writer that they could come up with one and I'll do the art for it. Either that or we can come up with a game idea together. I don't have anything set in stone at the moment, besides the fact that I'm looking for a team.

I've been working on art since I was in my late teens, I'm not the best artist but I try really hard; I'm also currently in university for an art degree! I mostly do anime art, but semi-realistic/cartoon styles are possible for me as well. If you want to see examples of my work, I can show you on Discord. Just send me a PM and I'll send you my username!

What I'm looking for is someone who is friendly and willing to work with me. Someone who communicates well is also very important. I've tried to start projects with friends who never got back to me about their part so I'm hoping to find someone who doesn't do that... I really want to emphasize that I want to find someone who is passionate about this game we're going to make, and won't give up unless it's absolutely necessary. I want to motivate someone who motivates me to go through with our ideas!

Whether you're a programmer, writer, musician, or another artist, I hope someone will get back to me soon! I'm very excited thinking about all the things we would be able to make together! Just send me a PM if you're interested. Thank you so much, this is a great community and I'm glad to finally be a part of it!

- Cookie

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We are seven developers making an adventure/rpg game. It's only been in dev for a few weeks but we are making progress. We have our own domain/website with private files/forums sections.And we're looking for more members. So i'd like to see your work if you are interested. You can mail me at antonyrobwells@gmail.com if you are interested. Thanks. (We're using unity3d btw)

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Posted (edited)

Hi CookieLover,

Our team has two programmers and one other artist and a number of musicians on smaller 2d games using the GODOT engine. I have a gamejolt page and we have started programming a proof of concept for a WWF style wrestling game. If all goes well the programming should be done in a couple months.  You can message me here or email me at david1platt@zoho.com.

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