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Use webassembly or no ?

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I want to know if it's good in this moment to begin to use wasm(2D game with webassembly using code C and Javascript). 

Because webassembly Is new and I dont know if it's compatible with all navigators.

Thanks in advance.

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Posted (edited)

I know that Unity can compile to Wasm. But Unity Team is not supported Wasm for mobile devices: https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/webgl-browsercompatibility.html


Note that Unity WebGL content is not currently supported on mobile devices. It may still work, especially on high-end devices, but many current devices are not powerful enough and don’t have enough memory to support Unity WebGL content well. For this reason, Unity WebGL shows a warning message when trying to load content on mobile browsers (which can be disabled if needed).

Maybe Wasm does not work of mobile devices. I cannot check it. I study pure WebGL and TypeScript (my opinion that TS is better than JS). Pure WebGL 1.0 is supported on all modern browsers (expecting Opera Mini).

If you want to use WebAssembly I think this course is good for beginners: WebAssembly - Accessing C and C++ in Web Applications

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