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[java] Applets vs Scripts

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I''m aware of the differences between them but I was working on some code for my new website lately, and I was writing a few applets... But I''ve noticed that almost all the websites I visit on a daily basis that use Java use scripts for the things I''m using applets for. For example, I''m writing the main menu as an applet--a sidebar type menu with buttons that exhibit a few special effects as the mouse passes over them. Is this a bad thing, should I consider redoing it as a script? I''m just learning Java this past week, so pardon me if I seem a bit daft in the subject. Luckily, I''m learning quickly since I already know C++.

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I usually try to only use applets when I need to do something I can't do with scripts or Flash (like open a TCP connection back to the server). Scripts usually download much faster and are easier to get working in different browsers, while doing simple animations in Flash is quick & easy.

If you've got a really cool effect for your applet, then stick with it. Otherwise remember that on the web, being able to navigate the site quickly and easily is much more important than simple eye-candy.

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