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Help on crafting a game plot and setting

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Hi guys.
If I eventually post it in the wrong section please feel free to move/lock this Topic.

So I need help to close the gaps of my ideas.

Here what I have:

Players play a game within the game. So basically every Player control two Characters (one in real world (W1) and another in the artificial (W2)). I can handle create the fantasy world (no problem) but I really struggling to elaborate the "W1 activities and goals that aren't boring once all W1 characters are just regular humans.

Additionally I want that something (or someone) in the W1 will attempt to corrupt the mmo game (W2) but I can't find reasons to defend W2 once it would be super simple to just wipe out all data and reupload a new game. Basically I need reason why a villan could destroy the fantasy world and why defend it.

After all that I'm also thinking that at some point the real world characters could start to manifest theirs fantasy world characters' power but I wish it: 1)didn't sound stupid and 2) not every person or country could create a super human being that easy.

I hope anyone can help me.

(Sorry about terrible english)

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What if W1 takes place in a science-fiction/cyberpunk setting?  Recreational prosthetic replacement can both spice up real-world activities and cover large portions of the gap for "manifestations of the MMO."

One possible villain would be a moral elitist who's acquiring rights to various chunks of the game's code (perhaps the game is a cobbled-together pile of parts from a bunch of in-house engines).  As he gets the rights to various chunks, he re-writes values within those chunks to what he thinks they ethically should be.
The team (or the rest of the team if the villain is one of them) is trying to roll with the punches because they love their playerbase, but they're so busy with the work that they have trouble combating the real-world antics.

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Maybe the villain didn’t like what the game was evolving into, so they decided to replace everything in the game with their own ideal world, but the players didn’t enjoy that, so they have to fix it somehow.  I’m not sure how though, but it’s a start.

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