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Open-Source C# RPG

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Looking to work with other C# developers that love old-school RPGs. If you want to work on your own C# RPG there is room to collaborate. I'm currently using MonoGame but I decoupled the graphics and it would be relatively easy to get it working with Unity.

Code - https://github.com/jburditt/Classic-RPG-Framework

I'm working on a open-source C# classic RPG built using MonoGame. I plan to architect it in a way that I will be able to use it as a framework for building RPGs of all types. So far I have a working tile engine, collision detection, map editor, etc.

It will have a modular design that will allow other developers / game designers to use their own modules for different aspects of the game e.g. side battle, front battle, action rpg, tactical rpg, etc. I want to start really simple since I don't have a lot of time to work on it ~2 hours per week. I will be working on a very basic rpg to begin with, keeping modular design in mind for later expansion.


About Me

I'm a 35 year old software developer with 13 years software development experience. I started programming when I was 13 on QBasic. I live in Vancouver, Canada on the off change anyone lives nearby and wants to code jam.




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I am an experienced writer myself in both the creative field and in journalism. If this in an RPG then I assume there will be a lot of story and dialogue involved. I can certainly help with that. I already wrote and designed quests for OMC Games' Skullforge From my own project I was working on I also designed and drew out the levels so I can do level design as well. I love it as much as writing.

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I've been moving webhosts and the website is no longer online but here are some of the screenshots I have. The last screenshot is from TIDE, a tile editor in C# that I have been using. I have written plugins for the RPG editor so that the tile editor is still on an upgrade path.





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