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Thanks for the post, I really enjoyed listening to your tracks. I think they are really well written. I really like "Town," and "The Trail" on your Soundcloud page as well. I think your use of reverb is great, melodies are very nice to listen to, and everything is overall quite balanced. In what ways are you wanting to be a better composer/producer? Do you want your music to sound more realistic? It seems to me like your music really matches the Retro RPG genre well. Is that what your aim is? If so, I think you are already doing a great job. I also especially liked your changes in rhythm. 

Something that could help you is to try to push yourself outside your comfort zone. You have a good niche, so I wouldn't ruin that, but trying to compose songs for a larger variety of genres could help you find some other techniques that would help you grow. Another thought I had, is trying to make your melodies a bit more memorable. This is more of a preference of my own rather than something that will make you better or not. Overall I really liked all of your songs, "The Trail" ended up being my favorite. But I tended to like the songs more that stuck in my head longer. Video game music repeats so we don't want it to be too simple, but if you have a beautiful melody, maybe don't deviate too much from it. Or just try simplifying your melody and see how you like it.

Definitely, just an idea. It takes skill to compose a melody that moves around as much as yours do. That is a much more classical-style and I really like when composers write that way. Hope that gives you some ideas!

Ada Maskil

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Posted (edited)

Hi TwoWolf,

first thing I can say is that your soundtracks match very well with a RPG game, probably more the one that is orientated to the younger people. I'm talking about Anime RPGs or games like Zelda, not really the 'adult' RPGs, but that should be self-explanatory and I assume this is on purpose.

I really like your style, the harmonics and melodics you used. I would have gone for something familiar, if I wanted to compose a soundtrack for such games.

While I have less critique for the first track, I have some points to say for the second one. First thing I noticed are the frequences. I think that the higher frequences are a bit overdriven (might be the wrong word), but the really high sounds of the shakers/bells/cymbals are a bit too noisy. At the same time, I kind of miss the lower frequences. There either is no Double Bass and/or Tuba, or they're playing very quiet, pianissimo. I can hear the Cello being played in Staccato (or pizzicato), but I would have gotten a better experience, if it was supported by another instrument, that plays one octave lower.

What I can say for both composition is that you might try out to work with instruments placements. Let me explain what I mean by that. You basically worked with the classical orchestral build-up. Your tracks sound like as if the full range of instruments would be placed at the same spot, the center. But remember that some groups of instruments are placed more to the left and some more to the right. You simply could work that out by playing around with the PAN of the several instruments. It adds more of the realistic feeling when listening.


But now again some positive words. If you aim on composing soundtracks for RPG games or in general games, that are more related to younger people, you definitely are on the right way! Your two soundtracks were very enjoyable and I'm sure that you might find some customers/game developers being interested in your music (if not done already).



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Hey, thanks for the wonderful feedback. I'd like to thank both of you for your balanced views and suggestions.



To be honest, I wasn't sure what I wanted to be critiqued on. Up until recently I never really showed my compositions or anything else to anyone. I guess I just wanted to see if people would like it or at least found it passable as game music. I wanted to use them in my own games. Up until now I was against prematurely showing my work but lately I was kind of... I don't know, I felt like I needed some intermediate check.

I'll definitely remember what you said about melodies. I'd love to write something that sticks but I guess that goes the same for every composer out there. I don't want to do the same thing twice even when I'm repeating a melody and lately I've been thinking that's kind of backfiring and making everything seem complicated. This seems okay for ambient or environmental pieces but not when I want to create a memorable theme.


I understand what you said about the frequencies, it was the first time I touched the EQ and I think it backfired, mangled the snares and shakes on that one. I also didn't use Double Bass and the Tuba was following the Cello line. Thanks for pointing it out, won't make this mistake again. Panning is also my weaker points, basically anything that has to do with automation I seldom touch which... I should I guess.


I'm glad both of you mentioned Retro RPGs and the like because that's what I was going for. I can always try to change the forms and feels if I'm going for another game genre but for now I will stick to this style. I'll also try to experiment more with other genres such as electronic and rock. Thanks for the kind words, this really gets me going again. I'll upload the others later like The Trail and a couple more.

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