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Turn based statistics driven strategy game

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First of all I want to thank everyone who is reading this and putting some though, it really means a lot.

I have realized I am watching a lot of videos about geopolitics and economy, I tend to look at various statistics (numbeo.com for example) and maps, as well have tendency for history and society development. Surely this all sounds like Civilization game and that’s the one of two games I play the most, second one begins Cities Skylines. I play a lot of Minecraft too so you could say I love building stuff.

So, I came to an idea of building my own game, mostly just for fun but if possible also to profit from it somehow. The whole idea is in its early stages and I would love to get some feedback on it.

The game would be turn based, statistics driven strategy where you will control one randomly generated civilization in a randomly generated world. You start around first industrial revolution and finish around our time and in the meantime the goal is to create prosperous, happy society with good educational and health care system, quality of life, safe and clean cities, good welfare state and everything what makes contemporary state successful.

The idea here is not to create a game with lot of micromanagement, but rather focus on stories, news or events that needs responses, or planning ahead by investing into technologies and new policies. These events would be randomly generated within constraints of your current situation, for example if there is high poverty rate except slums and high crime rates that obstruct trade route for example. Or, if you have too much liberty in your country, it might backfire and create protests about any small change you want to make. Or maybe something like Venezuela crisis for example.

All of this would be driven by a huge statistical “excel” table that will contain many things that can be viewed in-game such as working class or elite salaries, property prices in different areas, beer prices, healthcare, birth rates, emigration/immigration, taxes, equality… I need to work out the mechanics behind this yet.

I am not planning to make this overly complex and long game, unless you get swayed by comparing donut prices between your country and your neighbours, or looking into how many gas tanks and average salary in your country can buy J

Do you think people would play this game and what platform you recommend? I was thinking to make it browser based game, or for PC. Any suggestion is welcome!



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PC or browser seems reasonable as platforms yes.

Your idea sounds intriging. While making a semi-automated (detailed) simulation like this sound very cool, keep in mind that fun games are a series of meaningful choises that should impact something.

I has started project that basically is a very cool world, interacting with itself in cool ways, but actually is not fun to play :P

In short, try to prototype this idea early, right now it's hard to envision how it will actually play!

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